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The Windows 8 Finance App Gets New Improvements

We don't want a German Europe but we want a strong Europe and that means every member state including Germany has to increase its competitiveness," Schaeuble said. "A stronger Europe means that everyone has to do its duty and not to ask for more money by others -- that's the wrong way to get a strong Europe, that's the wrong incentive." German FM: Greece needs until 2022 German FM: Eurozone in a better place His comments come ahead of the September 22 election, as Merkel faces a German electorate weary of Europe's largest economy helping to bail out troubled eurozone nations, whose debt woes have threatened the stability of the currency. Greek unemployment hits record 27.6% Greece, along with three other eurozone countries -- Portugal, Ireland and Cyprus -- remain dependent on rescue loans from the EU and International Monetary Fund (IMF). The 17-nation eurozone has emerged from its longest ever recession, growing 0.3% in the second quarter after 18 months of contraction.

The accounting firm hired to fill in and run the department, Donohue, Gironda & Doria in Bayonne, has also been dissecting what went on and will be presenting a full report to the county, he said. Based on what theyve been able to do, its unlikely that well proceed to hire a forensic auditor, he said. The county earlier said it planned to hire a different firm for the probe. The firm has already been paid at least $24,000 for services rendered through July 31, and more bills will be coming. This will not be cheap, unfortunately, Walton declared.

Attorney De Sapio to demand answers about Hunterdon Finance Department

Even though no details on this new build has been provided at the time of writing this article, this particular version most likely comes to address some of the bugs found by Microsoft engineers in older releases. As a result, expect the Finance app to load faster on both Windows 8 and Windows RT , while also offering a much more stable overall experience on either platform. Designed for Windows, the Finance app puts control at your fingertips. Swipe through colorful charts for a quick read on the day's events. Rich graphics help you find the latest mortgage, auto, and credit card rates.

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